Thirty individuals from all over the kingdom have been chosen at random to appear before the king.

Strange incidents have been occurring across the land ever
since the crystals in reach region lost their light.
As one of the 30 summoned by the king,
it is your duty to find a solution to the kingdom's plight.

With one million gold coins at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!
You could start a business, invest in some land, or set off on an adventure.
You are free to spend your time and gold as you wish while you unlock the kingdom's potential.

With the fate of the kingdom in your hands, what kind of life will you make for yourself?
Will you buy up land and cultivate fields?
Will you take up arms against monsters and set off on a quest?
Now's your time! With bountiful resources at your disposal,
it's up to you to forge your own path!

Play your way!

Choose between two character designs before you set out on your journey.
You're free to switch up your appearance at any point!

Your life in Worth Life:

Journey through a 2D side-scrolling world.

Go fishing, mine in mountains, gather resources, and sell the materials you collect on your way.
Acquire land and start farming, build housing and collect rent.
Take on the threats facing the kingdom, and set out to defeat the forces of evil. The choice is yours!


Embark on an exciting adventure
through a storybook world!

Journey through towns, forests, underground caverns, and even the ocean's depths,
encountering monsters along the way.

You can choose how you make your protagonist stronger!
Whether you're a skilled gamer or not, you'll be able to find a style of fighting that's right for you!


Engage characters in conversation and make lasting friendships!

Curiosity sparks new possibilities! Welcome to the Spark System!

The actions you take trigger special in-game effects!

You will come across a variety of people and objects while exploring the world of WORTH LIFE.
Check out things that catch your eye to trigger a "Spark" and unlock a new skill.

Spark System
Spark System

Spark new skills during your quest!

You can even spark useful skills during battle!
For example, learning Charge Shot will allow you to pull off a powerful ranged attack with your bow!

Charge Shot-1
Charge Shot-2

There is a huge range of powerful attacks and helpful actions to learn!

Meet the conditions,
            to learn even more powerful skills!

Find vacant lots and use them however you like!

You're free to choose how to use the vacant lots you find on your quest!
Till the land and grow crops, or build a house to rent to townspeople!



Protect your crops from flocks of swarming birds!



Press the button at just the right moment to reel in the big one!



Build a house and rent it out to needy townspeople!
Who knows? They might give you something in return!


Take on Hard or Master mode if you're up for a challenge!

In addition to Normal mode, you'll also find the more challenging Hard and Master modes available to play when you start the game.

Monsters have significantly higher HP and attack power in Hard and Master, so they're perfect if you're in search of some tougher battles.

Monsters show no mercy
in Master mode!

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